Specialized in custom design, the brand preserves the bespoke standards of exquisite materials, handcrafted details and perfect fit. Django translates these values to ready-to-wear, bags and jewelry collections since its launch in 2008.
The designer is always looking for, as he calls it, future classics. Holding on to a nostalgic feeling while aspiring for innovation and contemporary sentiment.
DjangobyDjango collections also explore the fine balance between minimalist and decorative design, for an understated yet vocal statement of style.    
Part of the designers' vision is to support high–end fashion and keeping craftsmanship alive. In the beginning of 2016 the designer created a line of leather goods reflecting his own needs for not only a modern and gender free design but products that are clear in function and fashionably contribute to comfort. After 10 years of custom design, in the summer of 2018 Django created a line of handmade jewelry pieces , a long cherished dream representing Django's design signature to the fullest.

Django strives for a working method that is fair and sustainable. This webshop contains timeless handcrafted pieces, made of natural resources, natural by-products, vintage elements and long-lasting quality materials. All products on this webshop are made in lower quantity by artisans to avoid unnecessary use of resources and costs.    
Buying a DJANGObyDjango product when out of stock will be custom made on request. Therefor some products may have a waiting list.