Just like Django’s couture clothing line, the carefully designed jewelry portrays a nostalgic yet modern sentiment. A fine balance between industrial and romantic elements. Understated yet outspoken. Or as Django like to call it, silent elegance.
this tribal inspired piece of jewelry is made out of all natural materials. Each piece is handmade and therefore unique. All parts other than the 925 silver elements can differ in shape size and colour


  • Details

    chain: 925 silver oxidized
    clasp: rope shaped toggle clasp silver 925 oxidized with smooth bar
    pendant: 925 silver industrial shaped frame wrapped by silver shaped ropes holding the chain and the buffalo horn disc.
    pendant: buffalo horn disc wearable on both sides
    tag: silver 925 brand tag

    Adjustable length, chain goes from 78 cm to 90 cm (30.7 inch to 35.4 inch). At the length of 78 cm, a chain and ring will dangle from the centre of the neck.
    Diameter of the round element is 10 cm (3.9 inch)
    The horn disc is wearable on two sides. A smooth polished side that can differ from almost black to a flamed look and the brown grey raw side.
    Weighs around 80 grams (2.8 oz)
    Comes with leather pouch